Sharing your memorable travel experience

Travelling can be considered as an art. It leaves you many memorable experiences. If you had been working for too long at a stretch and craved for a break to refresh your mind and give it a change, what could be better then travelling. Be it a road trip or a long distance journey via train or flight, travelling always comes with a new experience. For people who love to travel, each moment of travelling is filled with experiences, an experience to remember, an experience to refresh your mind and soul.

Preserving the travel experience by writing it down

A travelling experience can be filled with many moments, moments which can be very simple, or moments which lasted for a short while or some moments which will leave a beautiful imprint in your mind forever. Often when we get back to our regular routine life after a beautiful travelling experience we often miss those moments and wish we could refresh those memories. Then what could be better then writing about your travelling experience. It often seems cumbersome to write every detail about your travelling experience but if we try simpler ways to write them down then it could be quite easy to write.

You can simply jot down few notes which can be easier for you to remember and elaborate them in your free time. You can also share your travelling experience online through blogs. Carrying a small dairy if isn’t that convenient make notes on your phone instead. Taking pictures adds to your collection of travel memories, so take good quality pictures with a good mega pixel camera that can be bought from stores like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Make sure to use coupons before you checkout at Snapdeal or at Flipkart. Sites which I prefer to use always are Coupons dot com and Coupons Machine. The reason why I use them always is, their coupons never fails. You can checkout coupons either Flip-kart or Snapdeals store pages for Verification.
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To make your travel write up more interesting, you can include the interesting part of the conversations which you had with a travel companion or a stranger. When you start writing your travel experience it might have exited you but by the end of the write up, you might feel it has been dragged too much. Then take few minutes to edit and cut those unnecessary points, this can make your write up look interesting and engaging. Remember you aren’t writing it necessarily to entertain others but you should consider the point that you should feel interested reading it later, so edit it accordingly. When you write and post your travelling experience, you in a way are sharing that experience with others, so people who would be reading it would imagine it in their minds and get inspired. They might consider travelling to the same place you did and learn new ways to enjoy travelling. When you share about your travelling experience, please mention important suggestions and points like travel time, or best time to visit that place or some helpful links like or which can be helpful for those who would consider travelling to the same place you had been. All the time and effort put in writing about your travelling experience would help renew your memories each time you go through it.


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