How to Root Android Without Computer PC (Step by Step Tutorial)


How  to Root Android Without PC or Computer: Most of us might have heard about rooting Android phones or smartphones. Though you won't, it doesn't matter as in, by the time you end up reading this post, Before that, you have to understand how to root android without PC, and what is an android rooting and how much effective it is!

How  to Root Android Without PC or Computer Process

What is Android Rooting?

Android is an open source Operating System where you won't have the complete access for various functions on your smartphone. By rooting, one can easily come over the limitations and get access to the OS. Now, with this rooting, you can easily get the access to create global changes.

Advantages of Android Rooting(Root android without pc)

  • One of the major advantages of rooting android devices without pc is we can have free and mammoth internal memory. We have seen struggling ourself with less internal memory, but with rooting your phone, you can get transferred any apps from the internal memory to the SD card.
  • In addition to this, you can use the latest and new Android operating system. By rooting your device, it can provide you an option to set up any kind of feature and current operating system with an installation of custom and tailor-made ROM.
  • Another most attractive and powerful advantage to root android without pc is that you can customize ROM. You can modify the options, looks of the phone by customizing your ROM. You can speed up the processing ability of your smartphone and change the entire feel of the phone. Isn't it great!?
  • You can have the chance of specializing apps by rooting. You could install variety of apps that are compatible with all the rooted smartphones over there. For an instance, you can easily uninstall and remove various apps simply with an uninstall option after rooting.

Disadvantage of Android Rooting:

  • One of the major disadvantages of rooting your android smartphone without PC is that warranty of  your phone can be lessen with this action. This is the reason why it is avoided by some people. Rooting often leads to bricking of your phone. It is the most common disadvantage of using this procedure.
  • It doesn't matter how expert you're in using the tutorial to root your phone, it is still a daunting task. So, if you have to flash a corrupt zip file, then you can probably end up with a broken smartphone.

Methods to Root Android Without PC or Computer

Method 1: Employing Framaroot to root android without computer

Framaroot is a general one click app that can root any kind of android device or phone without the use of computers. This app was developed by Alephzain from XDA forums. One can install SU binary and Superuser easily with just one click on their smartphone. 

Framaroot supports smartphones that has Android version from 2 to 4.2. It is fastest and easiest method to root without the use of computer. You just have to download the Framaroot app and copy the downloaded file into your smartphone device via the SD 
Step 1:
Download the particular Framaroot app into your PC or smartphone: Download Framaroot Application
Step 2:
Now that you have downloaded the file into your computer right. Now copy the APK file into the smartphone memory. Move the file to a specific folder if you have downloaded on you phone. 
Step 3:
Once it is done, you have to install the Framaroot from the apk file.
Step 4:
After this, you have to select the 'install Superuser' present in the Framaroot.
Step 5: 
Now you can select any of the exploits that appear in the applications.
Step 6: 
Now you have to wait for the message, 'Success, SU binary and Superuser installed". This means that your app is rooted successfully and installed. Now to use your system, you have to reboot it. 

In case you get a failed message, there is yet another exploit method to root an android without computer.

Method 2: Using Universal Androot to Root Android Devices Without PC

There are too many ways to root android without computer, but the most common using methods can be complicated. By using an android app, you can easily root the phone with simple downloads and other operations without the use of your PC. Here are the steps. 
Step 1:
Go to the settings option on you Android Device and select the Application option. You have to click the check box for unknown source and have to save it.
Step 2:
Now install the app Universal Androot
Step 3: 
After installing it, you have to launch the application into you phone and then click on the root option. Make sure that you make the right version of your Android phone. 
Step 4:
That's it! You android phone is successfully Rooted now. 

How to check whether your Android phone is rooted or not?

We are not responsible if mistakes happen while rooting your android device without pc or computer

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