How to Remove Shortcut Virus in PC and Flash Drive

How to Remove Shortcut Virus in PC and Flash Drive: There are many types of virus. Whatever the type virus is, it annoys you like anything else. One of the viruses is the shortcut virus. I have seen many of my friends complaining about the shortcut virus which often confuses the PC users with the original folders. They often ask me how to remove the virus and protect your files in the computer. 

How to Remove Shortcut Virus in PC and Flash Drive

Usually, when any of the files infected by this virus, it is hard to find it and eventually it becomes corrupted and hard to finds, as a result, the entire system gets end, which is not good for a PC. This guide is for the users whose computers are suffering with this problem. First let me make you know the types of viruses that can infect the computer. 

Shortcut virus usually has two types of variations. One of them is Flash drive Shortcut virus and the second one is the File and Folder Shortcut virus.

Type 1:

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

Remove short cut virus

As the name says, this type of virus affects your files and folders by replacing the originals with shortcuts.exe. This virus is a combination of Trojan and Worm. Bad thing about this kind of virus is there won't be any other option except to click on them to open the files and folders. Then the virus starts spreading to the entire computer, and enters the malicious software then steal the important data including credit card information. 

Flash Driver Shortcut Virus

remove short cut virus from flash drive

Unlike folder and file virus, flash drive shortcut virus is pure Trojan virus. It combines each file in your device and puts in a hidden folder. After that it creates a Flash Disk similar to shortcut.exe, just like the folder shortcut virus, there won't be a choice for you except to click on the file. Once after installing the application, it spies on your computer and steals you financial records and other important files if they are not detected in the beginning.

First Aid

You may not stop the beginning of these viruses, but you can stop yourself from opening from your portable devices or hardware from 'my computer'. Here is how to do it.
  • Should not open your Flash Drive through your autorun and from My Computer. 
  • Better open your Flash Drive and Hard Disk by right clicking on it. Now click on explore or type its drive letter in the windows address bar to prevent the script from running.
The above mentioned steps are made to prevent the shortcut virus from infecting the computer. It helps to distinguish the original file from the virus affected files. Like I said earlier, even reputed antivirus tools fail to detect such shortcut viruses. But I'm bringing you the most used 3 methods to remove it. Just follow the guide below.

Method 1:

How to remove shortcut virus using shortcut virus remover tools?

Before learning about the method 1, download the tools Trojan Removal Tool and Shortcut Virus Fixfolder from here.

After downloading the shortcut virus remover tools mentioned above, extract them using Winrar or any decompressor. Now run the Trojan Removal tool and make sure that you are using it inside the flash drive. So wait until the scan is completed and then press enter. Now, copy the Shortcut Virus Fixfolder and paste inside your flash  drive or in an external drive. Now open them through a right-click, and open with notepad. Change as per your Flash drive's letter (ex. E:, F:, G: and so on).

Save it after editing. Then double click on the vbs file and follow the similar steps. Open with a right click and choose Windows Based Script Host. After running the script, the shortcut virus must be gone and you can see your files visible.

Method 2:

How to remove Shortcut Virus using command prompt CMD?

Remember, you can use this method in case if the first one is not working. This method involves a 'command prompt'. First click on 'start', 'run', 'type cmd', type the drive letter of your flash drive or external hard disk and a colon after that, 'eg F'. Once done with these, type the attribute 'attrib f:*,* /d/s-h-r-s'. You must see your files now and these shortcut viruses should have been removed. 

Note that, after f: after the attribute, you can change it with your flash disk drive letter; If your flash drive letter is e: then you have to change with e:.

Shortcut Virus Remover

If you have followed the methods mentioned and still you are seeing the shortcuts, use this shortcut virus remover to remove them. 

Download the HFV Hidden Folder Virus. This is my shortcut virus remover. This is very easy to use as you don't have to install it in your device as it can work without a standalone application. For the first time you have to enter a password. HFV can remove the shortcut virus from both internal and portable devices. To clean your Hard Drive, Folder, Files or Portable devices, you just have to click the ADD or BROWSE, then select the drive you need, folder or a file, and choose the delete virus. Tehn click on Unhide Files to get your files back. That's it!

How to prevent shortcut virus from coming back?

Just install HFV or SmadAV as it is a trustable and good antivirus and also add Malwarebytes for a strong protection from virus. 

Try these and please let us know your opinions in the comments below. If you like it, don't forget to share and spread the guide! Thanks.

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