Top 10 Best Free SMS Sites to Send SMS Online to Mobile Phones


10 Best Sites To Send Sms Online Easily

There were days where people used to exchange their feelings using post cards, but this trend went down and the trend of Short Message Service (SMS) came up dominating the old trend. Even the period of SMSs didn't last for long as the new applications came up as the competition for it, which can be used for free, whereas exchange of messages through SMS charges some. New applications like Hike, WhatsApp, But you need internet connection to make the use of these applications. There is still scope to send messages without any charge and this service is provided by some online sites. All you need to do is to register in those sites and enjoy sending SMS. Here we are listing Top 10 Best Free SMS Sites to Send SMS Online to Mobile Phones.

Sites To Send Free Sms Online

1. 160by2

160by2 is the fast SMS service in India because of its ease in using the User Interface as well as the service is fast in delivering the message. There will be 160 characters in every message, where 80 characters are meant for the message and the remaining goes for ads. This is one of the best services to message within India.

2. SlideSMS

If you want to choose unlimited SMS to send internationally for free, then go for SlideSMS. By using this service, you can send messages in more than 200 countries and with a character limit of 300. Bonus of this service is that you can add a picture for the message and send it very instantly.

3. Way3SMS

Accuracy in delivering messages made Way2SMS different from other services. It is very popular because it takes only 10 seconds to deliver a message here. Apart from messaging service, you use Way2SMS for Google and Yahoo chats. The only restriction is that you can send messages only within India.

4. SMScity

Through SMScity, you can send messages for 22 countries and add a picture with the message you're sending. It is very reliable and you can access this with you MSN account.  

5. SMS440

The following features makes SMS440 different from others.
  1. Character limit upto 440
  2. Messaging in various languages including Hindi and English
  3. Scheduling of SMS
  4. Maintenance of phone book
  5. Group messages

6. Text me free

Textmefree allows you to send international messages to almost every country without any registration into the site and also without any charges.

7. Indyarocks

It's feature of scheduling messages made Indyarocks popular. In this site, you can schedule the messages. You just have to set the time and date. The messages will be sent automatically.

8. AtroCharto

Using AtroChatro, you can messages within India irrespective of the kind of service the mobile has. Be it CDMA or GSM, the message will be sent. The site has come up with the list of live songs, which can be played when sending messages.

9. Text4FreeOnline

Text4FreeOnline provides you as many as up to 700 characters to send messages, which is more than any other service. Along with the text to be sent, you can also add music files and pictures for it before sending from your computer.

10. MysmsIndia

MysmsIndia is used by many organizations in India in order to send too many messages because there will be no character limit or there won't be any ads in between the messages sent. 

These are the Top 10 Best Free SMS Sites to Send SMS Online to Mobile Phones. If you have any issue regarding this article, please leave it in the below comments.


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