How to Use Normal Internet Plan on Blackberry[Without Bis]


How to Use Normal Internet Plan on Blackberry (Without Bis)

The internet plans on a Blackberry mobile are based on the plans that are already embedded in the mobile which is quite expensive (price ranges from Rs. 100 per week). Hence it is a drawback for the blackberry users who require internet very often in their daily lives, precisely for students and business vendors, I found a strategy on How to Use Normal Internet Plan on Blackberry, and finally found one. This is working really good and has many advantages too. This strategy can be used for the various purposes of Blackberry like BBM (Black Berry Messenger), Push Messages, Blackberry browser, and so on. This work for the mobiles like Blackberry Curve, Torch, 9200, Z3,Z10, 9210.

Basic Requirements:

  • Of course a Blackberry device
  • A normal 2G, Internet/Data pack
  • Any browser like Chrome or Opera Mini

How to Use Normal Internet Plan on Blackberry Curve, Z3, Z2, Torch, 9220

Here is the procedure to do that:

  • Before starting the procedure, make sure your data is recharged
  • Select options in menu and then click on advanced option
  • Select TCP/IP
  • Enter APN of your mobile operator. If you don't have this, you can get it by contacting your operator.
  • Leave the remaining options.
  • That's it! You're done now.
  • You can use the normal internet plan on Blackberry.


Hope you like the article and in case you find any problem when implementing the above strategy/technique, please leave your doubts/opinions in the comments below. Keep visiting the space for more and regular updates. Thank you!


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