How to find stolen phone using IMEI number? Solved!


How to find stolen phone using IMEI number? Solved!

Hello everyone! In this article, you're going to learn about How to find stolen phone using IMEI number. Everyone's phone is important for them individually and loosing it makes anyone panic any day. It is very important to recover the data or the phone in case it is lost to someone or somewhere. Initially it is important to stop panic and start to find the solutions to find the lost mobile. We are going to tell you some of techniques to recover your mobile phone lost in this article. This post is useful if you are using an android phone.

We are going to make the use of IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) which is unique for every mobile. This number can track the location of any mobile number since it is unique for every mobile. Using this number, we can block or trace your mobile number that is lost or stolen. It is not a tough thing since we are going to show the step by step process how to do this. IMEI is helpful for any mobile including GSM, UMTS and LTE.

When the phone is switched on, it's unique IMEI number will be transmitted and checked in the database's network, ie., Equipment Identity Number, shortly EIR. There will be three different categories available in EIR, 'white lists', 'gray lists', 'black lists'. The mobile number will be blocked if the mobile company operator puts the IMEI number black list. Users can make the use of Global Positioning System to track the mobile number. But mobile companies only do these services with the help of police that will assist them in solving criminal cases. So, if you come to know that police are going to help you in finding the numbers, then forget about these.

So, whenever your phone is being stolen, you can use its IMEI number to trace the mobile.

Track or Check phone using IMEI Number:

You can find your IMEI number in the following ways:

  1. On bill of your phone
  2. Under the battery of phone
  3. Mobile phone's box
  4. Dial *#06# from your mobile phone

Different Ways To Find Stolen Android Phone

Method 1: 

Protecting Stolen Phone using Google Android Device Tracking

Google has got its own tracing system for Android devices, but you have to enable it manually on the device. You can enable it through Settings > Location > Access Location. You'll be done by enabling it. After enabling it, just follow the given steps given below to get back your phone stolen.

Note: In case you did not imply the process mentioned above, then the steps given below won't help you in retrieving the lost phone. If you don't imply the process, then read the final paragraph in the article.

  1.  Open Android Device Manager Website
  2. Just log on with your Google account and fill the details. Click on send for sending a notification. 
  3. Now follow the notification in your mobile and activate the service which will help you in finding the phone when its lost. 
  4. You can also use this method to trace the recent location using this process.

Method 2:

Track Android Phone via IMEI number of your service provider

Your service provider helps you more in this process. In case your phone is stolen and police gave the permission, the service providers will give you the details of location as soon as the thief inserts the sim card. But there is very less probability police give permission. Because, they will tackle the situation by themselves and that too in serious criminal cases to track the lost phone.

Method 3:

Trace your Lost Mobile with IMEI Number Using Premium Antivirus.

There are certain Antivirus programs that has an extra layer for the purpose of security. One of them is Netqin that allows you to activate the security mode which will be very helpful in case the phone is lost. Precisely when the Sim card of your phone is change, it asks for the password to unlock the phone. There are many as such antiviruses. I suggest you to have one on your smartphone which will be surely helpful for your mobiles.

That's it about the tips to find the lost phone. You can implement these tips to get your phone back. If you have any issues in How to find stolen phone using IMEI number?, then you can leave them in the comment section. Don't forget to share (:


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