How to book irctc tatkal tickets faster?


How to book irctc tatkal tickets faster(Working Trick)

We all know how Irctc website annoys in booking tickets for the desired places, precisely during booking through Tatkal. It is because of the huge traffic at a time as there will be very less time to book the tickets. This happens because the IRCTC reservations open at 8 AM and if you're applying for tatkal, they'll open at 10AM. As there will be a huge traffic for the site a time, the tickets will be sold away within minutes. 

If we don't get the tickets in time, they will be booked by someone else and our efforts will go in vain. It is not like there are no other ways to book tickets, but it's all about, how fast you can open the site before it hangs out to get your tickets through Tatkal. I'm going to share a trick about How to book irctc tatkal tickets faster. This will surely help you getting the tickets faster than when you tried last time. 

Let's begin!

Steps to book irctc tatkal tickets faster:

The trick I'm going to reveal will remove your entry time and thus reduces the website loading time, which is a benefit for you in booking tickets, and improves your chances of getting the ticket. 

Step 1: 

Firstly go to the link: 

Step 2:

After the clicking on the link, enter the name, age and all other required details of passengers. 

Step 3:

Click ctrl+b and then drag the bookmark in the bookmark menu.

Step 4:

Before opening the, change the proxy you are in to  Delhi proxy. If you're using Firefox, then go to options, then to advanced settings. This is because IRCTC server is located in Delhi. Click here to change the proxy.

Step 5:

Now open irctc and continue with the form that appears as usual. To enter the name of the passengers, click ctrl+b and open the bookmark you have saved earlier as mentioned in third step. This helps in filling the entries.


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